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Headline News: “Utiliteam CSS Adaptor is First to Complete E2E and Technical Assurance Process”

Utiliteam is a delivery focused consultancy business that has a proven track record in delivering consecutive consultancy assignments to budget, quality and time.


Success is made possible because Utiliteam only deploys experienced consultants that can demonstrate excellence in their particular field of expertise


Specialising in the Utilities Sector, Utiliteam is well respected within the Industry as a provider of high quality consultancy services


Knowledge of the targeted business areas plays a pivotal part in our consistent achievement of success

Market Entry – Energy Supplier (Universal Supplier Solution – “USS”)

Working in joint collaboration with our strategic partner Morrison Data Services (www.morrisonds.com) we have developed the Universal Supplier Service (USS) which facilitates both low cost entry into the competitive GB energy supply market and supports those Energy Suppliers with very large customer portfolios.

The functionally rich Industry inter-operability Market Messaging System (MMS) is an integral part of the USS managed service and is maintained and continuously improved by Utiliteam, whilst the USS Managed Service (which includes Non Half-Hourly Data Collection & Data Aggregation Supplier Hub Services) is operated by a team of Morrison Data Services (MDS) data specialists; fully supported by the MDS pedestrian meter reading field services.

Market Entry – independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO)

Utiliteam is the only independent consultancy business to successfully gain market entry to the complex GB competitive energy market for a number of iDNO organisations. Working in collaboration with C & C Group (www.candc-uk.com) who provide an iDNO Managed Service, Utiliteam deploys our unique expertise and proven track-record to navigate new iDNOs through the stringent Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) qualification process and the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) qualification process.

Market Entry – Meter Operations (MOP)

Utiliteam has two Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) pre-qualified MOP companies that can be purchased by customers that are looking to (say) extend the scope of their existing Meter Worker business to becoming a fully-fledged BSC qualified MOP

Market Entry – Half Hourly Data Collection (HHDC) & Half Hourly Data Aggregation (HHDA)

The inexorable move of the GB Electricity Industry to Half Hourly settlement (initially on an elective basis and then mandatory) is driving the need for existing Non-Half Hourly DC/DA Agents to extend their operational capability to provide a Half Hourly Data Collector (HHDC) and Half Hourly Data Aggregator (HHDA) service.

Utiliteam recently gained BSC Qualification for such an organisation as both a HHDC and HHDA; as such, our market entry experience now includes these specialisms which has also resulted in us developing an excellent working relationship with a competent HHDC/HHDA software provider who (together with Utiliteam) helped the organisation become “business ready”.



Gaining market entry into competitive Utility markets is our speciality. In particular, guiding clients into the complex competitive GB Electricity Market is an area where Utiliteam is an unrivaled market leader.

However, we would point out that gaining an Ofgem Licence is your responsibility and, following an Ofgem licensing review in 2019, these licensing processes are now quite stringent. As such, we strongly recommend that you engage with Ofgem very early in your deliberations to enter the competitive GB energy market (irrespective of which market role you are contemplating).

Please refer to our dedicated Market Entry page for more details.